About Us

About Us

Shree Swaminarayan Export - Transforming Healthcare Globally

A leading manufacturer based in Kingston, Jamaica, since 2017, Shree Swaminarayan Export specializes in Orthopaedic (Trauma), Spine, and Maxillofacial Implants, Surgical Instruments, and General Surgery Instruments.

Our Highlights:

Global Reach: Serving public and private healthcare institutions in Jamaica and beyond, with a focus on South America and Caribbean islands.

Innovation Hub: Pioneering advancements through workshops, conferences, and collaborative efforts with Orthopedic Surgeons globally.

Expert Team: Our accomplished team of engineers and designers, guided by eminent Orthopedic Surgeons, ensures top-tier solutions.

Local Trust, Global Respect: Trusted in Jamaica, respected in over 30 countries, we're committed to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions.

Join us at Shree Swaminarayan Export, where precision meets compassion, in advancing healthcare through innovation.

Our Vision

Shree Swaminarayan Export wants to be sustain being innovative in healthcare incorporating the worldwide change in the healthcare sector,consistently delivering cost effective products using the state-of-art machines & technology. Our objective is to contribute to society by extending the lifespan of surgical products,instituting updated technologies and concurrently reducing the costs.

Our Mission

Helping value life by evolving innovative, affordable, high quality implants and instruments to society consistently. Shree Swaminarayan Export is committed to exhibit innovative and quality products for the healthcare professional to help individuals achieve better health and well-being